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how to play as a new cleric

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im sure you all now how hard it is to get stigmas now, how are you supposed to gear up your cleric when they give your DPS stigmas and a mace and shield when you lvl up now? how do you get invited to do runs with the bad DPS you do and the little you can heal without benevolence, how are you gonna do instances like crucible spiral with such shitty dps to get the new stigmas? 

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Short answer.. it's a process.

First, to get your stigmas, make sure you do all your Mirash Sanctums. There is a chance of stigma bags from the end boss. The only one you need need to heal BoS and  FM is Benev. Next in importance would be Ripple. Buy them if you have to.

Second, make sure to tune your gear from Mirach and CoE with heal boost and HP so you can heal BoS and FM. You can tune any double gear with mag att and magg acc so you can solo CoE and dps better in Mirash and Cruci.

Third, you aren't going to do really well in Cruci without huge amounts of mag acc and mag att. As you get better gear, you will be able to do more and more floors. Don't expect that you will be able to finish the whole thing until you have ulti gear.

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Playing on EK when it first released this was also an issue. The only way i obtained my healing stigmas in under a month was to make new cleric and do crui spire/mirash till i got the healing stigmas. Fortunately i got lucky and it only took 1 reset to obtain them. The other way is to simply just grind in open world it should not take to long. Also do not fool for the broker price of stigma stones.

You can buy stigma boxes for 4-6m from these events and it is a choice box as you can choose the item you want. I have made 700m selling benevolence/other healing stigma's to those who either are new or just have no idea that the stigma boxes are choice boxes. If you spend 2 hours in open world grinding you will more then likely have your healing stigma's you need.

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I also built my cleric from scratch.


1.  Do Mirash Sancutary but dropped sitgmas are really random 

2.  Do Crucible Spire this one is quite consistent.  You don't have to do the entire 25 levels.  No way you can do it.  Just do up till Floor 6 or so.  That should get you around 60 crucible coins which is enough to get a stigma pouch.

3.  Buy some of the stigmas on the broker.  Some do not cost alot.  You just save what you can through your adventuring.  Sell anything for kinah which does not relate to cleric eg, sell off guiding stones, kibrium, anything that is sellable or brokerable.  You can always get more later if you really want to.  Do your Lunas (daily, weekly) so that you are in the position to take advantage of the Kinah Bundle when it appears in your list.

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