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When will we get a instance event?


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I'm asking about Smoldering Fire temple, Kumuki cave etc.  When will be there a special instance event because these events have higher chance of getting something good, more people would spend money on scrolls,keys that should at least get your interest...... 


Not events where you collect items from currently permanent instances. I can speak  for most players that these events been highly disappointing and not worth spending money on... I rather you guys remove/cancel all other events like snowball, this doll event  (only exception the pumpkin halloween one) because people will have 1 less reason to qq.

@Cyan if you can answer my question and  send this to '' the team'' thanks ;D

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IMO it is not totally accurate to think that the current event is not good and having smoldering fire temple or daeva dash would be better. You are talking about rewards actually. The Snowballs event was wonderfull the first time and evebody loved it. Of course the rewards were much better. 

Just asking for smoldering fire temple is not the solution. If the boxes there will have the same rewards than now, will be the same thing. Just imagine 1000 shards, 3 transformation scroll, 3 berdin stars and only in the paid Box a minimun chance to get a daevanion skill or something good. 

IMO the issue with the events we are having is that the amount of collected items is not balanced with the rewards inside them. Collecting 10-15 dolls after 1 hr doing things, current rewards could be interesting. But getting just 20-50 transformation scrolls after a week doing things... that is what does not motivate people. Same happened with the hearts event and Snowball event. The rewards were so small compared with the amount of items we were able to get. 

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