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Senekta Info?!

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The same way they managed the 12/24 man instances look up all the info they can and pass it first/second try. I hope it is not time based as i have convinced my friends not to look up any info on it to make it more exciting.

The issue is if our first run is loss due to only being able to fight the boss once i fear the no information strategy will soon turn in to if we gonna luna this instance i wanna know it inside and out so we do not waste money.

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On 3/17/2019 at 8:36 AM, HealingSquid-KT said:

I hope it is not time based

It is timed.

Here is a video showing the dragon being beaten, but does not show the rest of the instance:


Here is a video where they don't beat the dragon, but it shows the beginning parts of the instance:


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