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Ok, Im a bit at a loss for information.
Logged in after a while ( stopped playing at 6.0 arrival ) and as I understood, scrolls mounts pets are unusable, old gear was unusable etc etc. Tried the EU game and I saw that as a thing.
So here on NA, I log in ( sorc 70 lvl ) and I see i still have bunch of armors - usable , scrolls -usable, my mount is working etc..thought I should not be able to use those?
So what's the catch.. I understood 6.2 is on NA too? Or there are differences in that here that I cant seem to find in the patch notes?

And as a side question, what to do with old stuff..supplements tempering solutions omega stones conq mirage accesories, lunatic modor weapons and my remodeled danuar armor?
Ill contiune playing for a while to breathe in all the changes, but do I need to save/keep some of the old items/wings/weapons/cast speed stuff?

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A lot of things changed with 6.0. All the gears and scrolls you have are useless and you're off better selling them. I suggest you make an alt character to try out the game anew and get the feel of it. Both EU and NA have 6.x patch, EU is getting 6.5 in 3rd April and we are getting it on 27th March. There is, however, big difference between both areas because of different publishers. Right now NA isn't handling itself too well.

If you have Temperings and Omegas, save them because those can be exchanged in the capital cities (or sell them if you want kinah, they're highly priced now). If you had those unopened Code Red boxes that gave you running and cast scrolls, you can use them, but the 6.x+ patch revolves around having transformations.

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