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Assassin Old Weapon Main-Hand


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Can anyone give advice on using an old weapon (socketed +6 precision) for pvp as a main-hand weapon in this patch?

I have heard some people use it but they have highly enchanted +25-30 weapons.  Mine has no enchant at all currently.

Is there a rule of thumb to use?  I am using pvp dagger (old) and ancient pvp sword.  I like this for the crit/attack speed it gives also because I don't have an ancient transform yet with attack speed.

Any help would be appreciated....


Second quick questions what is a good manastone to socket if I am not rich?  Should I socket accuracy in my pve set so I can do higher level zones?

What should I socket in pvp set? seems useless unless you have a red set (maybe purple).

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2 hours ago, Lunorone-KT said:

Use it in offhand better, you get the additional stats, godstone and you use the main weapon for the p.attack

Physical attack will be the same regardless of mh or oh. Better to use it in mh for attack speed and increased crit rate.

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