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How do I wrap a wrappable weapon?


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I have some wrappable mythic weapons lev 60 that I would like to pass to some toons and use as skins, but where can I get wrapping scrolls? They used to be on BCM before Dragon Lord's weapons became wrappable, now I don't see them on BCM! No wrapping scrolls and courier passes at all! Did NCSoft invent another way to wrap gear? How??


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It would be really nice to add wrapping scrolls of all kinds (accessory, weapon, armor) to the BCM, at least for some type.

The gear people want to move is not gamebreaking (as it would've been with the +30 purified commander gear wrapping charges, gained from reaching certain enchant levels in 5.8, for example) and it's mostly for skinning purposes, other than moving +20 items with skills on them (that you can't really use anyways cuz you get one-shot when you equip 5.8 gear eksdee).

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