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Billing issue

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hello all

I have a billing issue that I couldn't cancel my refund claim in Paypal in time

so my alt account is locked

I tried to ask a help from GMs and Cyan

but all are ignored

I know some people did repay the bills after in the past

(and they got their accounts back after repaying)

I am the one who is still sticking in this situation

I need your help

can anyone give me a way to handle this issue?

I tried to contact with senior GM by tickets

but he couldn't help me at the moment

I tried to phone their company

(but my friend told me that is their HR phone numbers)

and no one responded my call at all

I can't find a useful way to contact with them

could't even get a conversation with them

(they just keep marking my tickets solved but I don't know why)

I am sorry for the mistake 

I am willing to repay the money

so leave a message for me please if anyone has any idea

I will be very appreciated




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yes I know it's a big mistake

and to be honest when i tried to cancel the claim

it was too late and paypal didn't have a way to cancel the claim after

even I have the money in my paypal

I need a way to retrieve my mistake but GMs couldn't help me atm

that's why I asked a help from here

I really need your help if you experienced this before

I know I did something wrong and I am really sorry for it

I hope I can have a chance to retrieve my mistake





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Cake is correct. If you did a chargeback (even if it was a mistake), your account is gone and it is all but impossible to get it back.

The only good news is that you are talking about an alt account and not your main.


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8 hours ago, ElymosBubble-KT said:

it's a billing issue

and some people did get their accounts back after refunding

I am sorry for my mistake but I need a way to handle it



I've played since 2009 and haven't heard of a single person who did a chargeback and got their account back. Not a single one.

The thing is that getting a "refund" is different than doing a "chargeback". A refund you get from NCWest. Support refunds you the money you spent for whatever reason. If you initiate a chargeback with paypal (or your credit card), paypal gives you your money back -and- forces NCWest (or any merchant) a fee. It's the fee that makes chargebacks so nasty for merchants and why your account was perma banned.

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thank you for your response

yes you haven't heard it but it exists

I am really very sorry for my mistake and I am willing to repay them

(including the fee paypal charged from NCsoft West)

I did want to cancel the claim but paypal couldn't do it after

(I have paypal's authentication to prove it)

and I know some people did repay after and got their accounts back

that's why I try to ask a help from here

I know it's my bad I am very sorry for my mistake

the account is really important for me

otherwise I won't try so hard to get it back

it's with sentimental value

I think everyone can make mistakes in their life

I do want to face my mistake and try to retrieve it

that's why I am here and ask for a help

I just hope I can get a way to contact with NCsoft West to handle my situation

I will be very appreciated

and thank you again Aly-DN

your response is really good information to me


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