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Bring the fun back to PVPVE instances..

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Please remove the rewards for losers or bring some kind of point system to get rewards.

Right now instances like EC is a place where plp goes to be AFK to ****** gameplay of others that really want to have pvp/pve on that instance..

Its not nice to go there and fight 20 vs 60.. and 70% of your ally being AFK waiting for losers rewards.

Bring back instances like Padmaraska where you had to do pve/pvp at the same time in order to get the loot chance. Not spaces for AFK people.

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If you remove rewards for the losing side in PvP instances, people will pop in, see that they have no chance and then leave. Why waste your time when you aren't going to get anything at all for even trying? Instead of 70% afk, you will have 70% less players in the instance.

There isn't a good answer to the problem of afks.. at least in EK. For the other PvP instances, you can make a premade. No one to get 100% permade in EK.

Not sure what you are talking about with Padmarashka. Pad was a 48 man boss.

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