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Hello everyone, first thing first, this post is going to be directed to the admins of this game, the Aion community is actually burning and I'm sure @Cyan is clearly watching, so we all are asking for ANSWERS.

People are done of this game in too many aspects, So we ask you, to let us know what's going on with NCSOFT regarding the game AION. Aion is about to have 10 years old since it was launched, and right now ONLY in NA, we all can see the lack of admins, etc, so the community just wanna know what's happening in there. cuz, to be honest, Seems like NCSOFT NA (only NA) wants the game closed. I'm pretty sure that these issues are not happening in the other games that NCSOFT currently administrate, like Guild Wars 2, etc.

Aion right now in NA is the same thing as a BETA GAME, the community just wanna know if there's a real future to fix the current issues inside the game, or if you guys the Admins are just going to sit and wait till the game die. Very soon.

Community Players: Share down below what you guys think NCSOFT must fix first, and what you guys think in what will happen in 3 months even 1 year.

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The person that you want to direct this to is Cyan who in turn I expect would direct it to Gideon. Admins (aka Support) don't know anything about the game future and  don't decide anything about what gets fixed or when. 

Gideon should actually be able to tell us what's going to happen in a few months, but hasn't bothered to produce a communication recently. I doubt that he will (and he's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue), but you never know. 

If you want to pressure NCSoft, one suggestion- don't spend money. That gets their attention - and tell them why- in a reasonable way. Tell them why you would spend money as well. 

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