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New player.. last played 2013 starting new

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You will find some players playing around your time on both servers and in both races, though it isn't going to be even remotely as many players as peak US times.

KT is slightly Elyos dominate. DN is slightly Asmodian dominate. The servers are equally populated.

So the short answer would be.. whichever race tickles your fancy and whichever server you like.

Welcome back.

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Stay away!! This current version and as AION has been for couple of versions will gonna destroy your great memories of AION. This AION is nothing but a PvP costume party on one map in where you can level up from 0 to max in about a few hours. It has become a massive money leeching game before AION completely becomes destroyed.

Actually this AION version could be just 200 MB or even less in size. All (great) content got removed.

The best versions of AION still are 2.7 and 4.6/4.7 and I am still waiting until an AION Hardcore Classic Server gets opened with deep gathering and crafting etc.

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