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Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

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1 minute ago, Cindar-DN said:

In the original screen shot, why does it say both items are equipped?  The fact they also share the same bar underneath them seems to imply they are 1 item but somehow bugged since they are obliviously 2 items.  When looking at other peoples comparison screen shots you see each item with it's own bar that tells you to press alt, etc.  But on the item(s) in question from the original post that bar is a single bar under BOTH items, not a small bar under each item.  And both items say they are equipped.

He's comparing his own equipped item (the legendary) with the equipped item of the other player (the ultimate one that appears to have 6 manastone slots). Both are equipped but on different players.

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Still no official response to this? This is clearly a pretty significant issue. If it is a bug/exploit, how many other players are taking advantage of it?

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