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Looking for old players


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Not sure if this is the correct area for this topic but it seemed to fit the best.

I had a nostalgia wave hit recently and fondly recalled my time in Aion from years ago. While I haven't played in a bit I do wonder what happened to the people I spent a huge chunk of time with and while it's a long shot, I wonder if any of them still play or anyone here may know them. 

I was the acting Brigade General of the legion Opulence for a few years, my in-game name is Samuru but people also knew me as Zole or Rosch. We were on the Tiamat server (Zikel before that) although I think it was absorbed by Katalam or Danaria. There are a few names I'm able to recall off the top of my head and they are as follows:

Kinjite, Fahrenheit, Babygotback, Oumashoe, Shuang (sp?), Bunny (Don't remember the full name but we all called her that), Tenko, Tesius and those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

If you were ever in the Opulence legion or may know these names, shoot me a message. Heck even if we used to hang together give me a poke as well, I'd love to catch up with the people I shared great times with. Thank you and have a great day.

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Hi, I was never in your legion but I've been playing since release and I was on Tiamat before the merge and I do recognize two or three of the character names you mentioned. One of them is still playing for I saw them recently as well (won't mention names here) however if you PM me in game I'll gladly tell you who I saw recently. I'm mostly Asmodian (and proud) and base out of Enshar (7 Asmodians, 1 Elyos) but I saw the name in Lakrum so it could have been either faction I don't remember.

I'm on daily so I'm not too hard to find.

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