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All items sell for 1 kinah


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1 hour ago, 2s16D3F6-DN said:

Ok, so, I just returned to the game, and I want to sell some old equipment. but for some reason, when I try to sell it, it gives me 1 kinah for each thing I sell, why?

Working as intended. All old gear is garbage now. You can only use it for skins or toss it. Same with gear that you get while questing and leveling up.

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I spent a whole year farming AP and Ceramium Medals for Ambassador R1 gear, and a thousand Infinity shard and runs for full Hyperion pure gear (as casual player).

Sold all my time and effort for 1 kinah each piece. I know the feel, bro...


Just kept the Marchutan Protector gear, 'cause it has the best skin EVER

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