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Improving PvP


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The last time i had fun PvPing outside of instances based PvP was when they screwed up and made that camp GP quest daily 3x instead of weekly. I understand this caused major complications  with faction KSing but that is due to the system where only 1 mob spawned for quest and not many. The below quest can re-vitalize open world PvP. 


Adding the second Alter siege does improve the obtain-ability of stellium and transfer-ability of the alters but it does not improve the PvP. Making this quest daily would not only improve everyone's ability to to obtain stellium but also add overlapping points in quests causing PvP to occur.

I understand most if not all suggestions made in NA fall on deaf ears but no harm in trying. 


P.S I am not some crazy geared player who wants to go around and gank fresh 80's it is in-fact quiet the opposite my gear is mostly T1 legendary/ultimate and a few T2 legendary gear. 


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