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Question about Licensed items for BCM


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I know there are many items we cannot get in NA due licenses, but.. are really ALL Kpop related items with this problem? i mena the most populars are Wonder Girls emotion cards for 2DT, Nobody and Tell me, but there are even more dance emotes from Miss A and IU, also there are many costumes, item hairstyles and accesories from Kpop idols, is hard to believe ther isnt not even 1 single item unable to put in store for us?. Also what about in events, i knwo there is a big difference between "sell an item" in bcm from just "give n item" as reward from events or quests. I believe if aion NA team make a research they can find at least a pair of items free of this rules in some way....

Or am i wrong ? Aion team <3?

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