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Hello, I've played aion for years not on and off, I recently returned about a month or two ago. 

I often find my self bouncing back and forth between my Sin and my glad for different reasons so thought maybe if I get some answers that would help me.

Now for my questions-

1. Assuming you are equally geared/skilled with another person in pvp do both Sins and glads stand a good chance of winning against all the different classes? Example-when playing my glad I feel I can never keep up with anyone and it's very easy for people to escape when I'm on my glad.

I am not good AT pvp still trying to learn but I've gotten several kills with my sin where with my glad I've gotten 1 and it was a lucky shot. Both my sin and my glad are pretty evenly geared atm. With ancient pvp set working on trying to +15 the remainder.

2.Are both sin and glad still good after their bluffs run out or is it more of a I'm buffed up I need to make my kill within this time frame?(I really feel this way with my Sin only being effective when buffed)

3.tracking a person in pvp,

I can follow people better with my Sin obviously due to the stuns and teleports I have, my glad I feel like I can never even land a KD. How do you guys track people so well? I currently use my mouse to click all my skills (ya ik I'm way behind the times) I don't understand even how the process works of using keys for all my skills let alone knowing what skills I should Assign to what keys.

I often read/see that "glad is king" or something to that effect.

everyone seems to say Glad is easier to play then a Sin although I'm leaps and bounds better at playing my sin skill rotations ect where when I'm playing my gladiator skill rotations are rough and clunky when I play it.

But the other day there was a glad below me and he did his distance throwing weapon attack attacking my Sin and took half of my hp away in a single attack??

I like how glads have AOE attacks and multiple heals and are more tankey but I like that sins seem to be able to track their target better and also escape a target better if it was a failed attack.

I'm feeling like glads are better for pve and sins pvp but I'm not sure if that's true or not.

4.Is it true that glads are easier to play then Sins? And if so why? (The runes aren't my problem at all)

5. Do people spam all bluffs right before an attack or how do most people play their buffs?



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My two cents on questions 2 & 4:

Glads are pretty good without their buffs, and Surefooted Charge lasts a full minute. Even if you screw up, you can run into a nearby group of mobs, AoE, and end up with near or full HP to do it all over again. As long as you have a nearby mob, you can find a way to recover. If it turns into a battle of attrition, you can at least keep going.

A sin can't pull that off, at least not to the same extent. You might be able to escape, but if your enemy is watching their chat radar, they can see your pots ticking off if you're still close enough to them. This gives them time to prepare or run away from you.

Q3: Get a MMORPG-oriented mouse with 12 side buttons lol. They're $40 or less these days. Regarding rotations: Glads can basically brute force their way through PvP whereas sins require a bit more finesse (big brain time).

Q5: Generally speaking, yes? If you run up on someone who isn't prepared, your opening attacks will make it difficult for them to recover and fight back, thus tilting the odds in your favor. Some people do it because they have no clue what they're doing (I see sins overwrite their attack buffs with evasion buffs sometimes), but if you're going to engage, go all in.

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Glads take less skill to be elite with, but are almost unkillable when a skilled player has end game gear. 

Sins are very mechanical, but if you make a mistake, then you might struggle to recover. You can reset fights but only have to don’t have dots on you etc.

Glads and sins have similar levels of burst damage, although glads have Aoes which are more powerful In a group setting. Glads are also way more tanky, with multiple hp draining attacks. Plus Glads have stronger buffs than sins (perma +1k attack, 1800 attack/crit buff with 50% uptime, UD), but sins are probably less reliant on their buffs this patch. Sins also have more hard cc (stuns) on shorter cds and can cover distances easier as well being faster.

I personally play sin because I like the smoother non-rng play style and tend to run in smaller groups. But a geared glad would likely contribute more in group pvp scenario.

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Keybinds are pretty much mandatory on physical classes except for long CD buffs, with a few exceptions. Casters can get away with not having as many keybinds because they have long cast times.

In general, sins have easier time vs casters because they can go close in hide and also have the best distance closing skills. Sins also have resist skills and more slow/removals, and passive 20% run speed.

but obviously skill/gear plays a huge role.

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