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Help please ;(

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1. Vendor the gear drops you get from BoS/FM/PF/IDD. This will obviously be tough if you actually NEED the gear... but yeah.

2. Join any alcemium alliances "kib farm" you see (they are a bit rare these days) and sell the alcemium on the broker.

3. Farm alcemium and magic stones yourself from open world mobs in Lakrum/Demaha and sell them on the broker.

4. If you get anything tradeable from events, sell them on the broker.


Vendoring gear from pve instances is the easiest way these days. I make about 50 mil kinah on my main and my favorite alt per week by doing that (I duo PF/IDD so we each get a couple pieces of purple gear per run), BUT I also don't need any of the gear. If you still need a lot of gear, obviously you have to keep those pieces and so you can't sell them. As a general rule, it becomes easier to get kinah once you are fairly pve geared and can duo/trio pve instances with your friends. That's probably not what you wanted to hear though. :( Sadly, our kinah-making methods are mostly gone these days due to NCsoft trying to combat the bots.

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Well i have been doing all the methods suggested so far and, farming in alliances for alcemium or any sort of stones is not profitable at all because the people that farm, use other 2/3 alts in the same time, finish farming, sell them to the broker and slowly they low the prices more and more cause they wanna sell the items fast and the result of one stone is little to nothing as far as price goes lately. Also, the events are pretty shitty.

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