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7.2 (EU) vs 7.0 Skill Effects Comparison

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The BasicDMG property has been added to almost all indirect attacks through NPCs (excluding Vandal / Painter) in 7.2. This includes Spiritmaster pet attacks, Cleric servants, Sorcerer area spells, and Ranger traps.

BasicDMG is usually found only in monster skills, the meaning of it wasn't well understood. The only magic attack skill with BasicDMG property that was usable by players before 7.2 was the Crude Bomb in Bastion of Souls.

There are monster skills with AddDMG property which none of them are usable by players. The meaning of that is unknown.

When I tested on a low level Spiritmaster with a pet attack skill on EU against a level 1 training dummy in Gelkmaros, there is now random factor in the damage: 0.9x, 1.0x, 1.1x. I haven't tested the new damage calculation for these spells though.

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