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Returning player PVE armor questions


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BoS -> FM -> PF/iDD -> SL ->>> PFHM/SLNM/VT
(i.e. Bastion of Souls solo -> Frozen Monolith start trio and go solo/duo depending how much time and dps you have once you're a bit geared -> Primeth's Forge/infernal Drakenspire Depths just go with pretty much any lfg 5-man or 6-man groups, if they have a cleric or semi-decent chanter and generally one vandal you should cheese it no matter what happens -> Stellin Lab there's a few annoying mechanics and some parts where you need to train unless you like spending 1hr per run -> get gear from all previous instances until you're nearly full red and with gear socketed and tuned properly and then you might consider the 3 endgame instances, but ppl don't recruit on lfg for that usually)

+ Crucible Spire at any point, just go as far as you can to collect HP cubics
if your class is too weak to go far in Spire (let's say, under stage 15), make a vandal alt and use it to farm Spire (+ other instances for kinah if you're up for it)

+ farm transformation contracts through the lugbug dailies and through instances (end bosses sometimes drops a contract box) and of course through events, just cuz running after ppl in ancient is as much a pain in the ass as having a legendary transform and waiting for the slow ancient guy in the back
+ pandora gear can help quite a bit but it's a bit of a pain if you're not really into questing/grinding mobs/gathering plants for a long long time
+ do weekly camps even if you don't pvp because you can buy ancient pve enchantment stones through genesis crystal npc (but ONLY use genesis crystals to buy pve stones if you don't plan on pvping/building pvp gear)
+ lowkey farm minions as they will slightly increase your HP cushion and offensive stats, running pandora pve/pvp instances helps a bit but there's a lot of luck involved, you can also buy one that is class-appropriate from the brokers

also if you want to pvp eventually, join a legion for altar quests + altar siege, look at the altars on dumaha map and hover over each one to see which legions are actively conquering them in the recent days, usually bigger legions also do world bosses (ult/leg weapon + manastones + stigma enchant stones it's pretty cool to gear up), make sure to know what rules for rolling those bosses have cuz certain legions will kick you without asking questions if you roll on certain things by mistake
+ of course run illumiel brawl along with any pvp instance open until you're on CD, crazy important as that is the main source (and only source, if you don't craft) of fighting spirit fragment in the game as of now (they're needed to purify gear from ancient to legendary, and legendary to ultimate, but also to morph pvp enchantment stones later on)
+ do lugbug quests that reward genesis crystals every day, it adds up to a lot over time
+ Hererym Mine, do trio until you're full legendary pvp gear, then go solo mid path for AP, you're going to need it

anyone else feel free to add things, just typed this up real quick, works for all classes~

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On 12/5/2019 at 3:56 AM, PayToHeal-KT said:

So I noticed that CoE and BoS disappeared, how do you go on to gear up for harder instances now? 

I have no idea what’s going on after the 7.0 patch, thanks in advance 

Bastion of Soul is solo and you get basic items
Frozen monolith is a 3-man isntance and many people can solo that too, but if you can solo it it means you do not need the items it drops, you just do it for money
Primeth Forge is a 6-man and it has an normal mode and a hard mode etc,

But if you want to see what every instance drops, simply hover your mouse over any instance and it tells you what the instance drops. Here Primeth Forge for example shows you both normal mode and hard mode drops.


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