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Why don't they make transformation potions craftable and tradable


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Remove contracts and just make the potions craftable and tradable...

Tune the stats so it doesn't have to be 100 different types in 5 different colors 

no red (ultimate) bs with 165% movement speed... and 165% attack and casting speed... and immortality for 15 minutes while I go to the bathroom??? 

no white and green stuff that nobody uses anyway



- only one type, 3-4 different version(1 for physical dps, 1 for magic dps... 1 for resistances... SIMPLE) - each lasts 5 min

you run around - you gather mats - you craft however many potions you want... and you sell the rest!


I don't understand why you have to gather contracts.. combine contracts.. complete collections of contracts???? and I don't know what else


Count how many different things you have to do DAILY in this game:

- 15 different pieces of gear: each can be enchanted, upgraded, socketed... and I don't know what else (at least you don't have to augment and condition it anymore??)

- 15 different stigmas - each can be enchanted upgraded and I don't know what else

- 15 cubics - each can be upgraded I don't know how many times

- 15 daevonian skills that can be boosted, combined and... god knows what else you do with these

- minions that can be upgraded

- and now on top of that - transformation contracts!


Imagine you are a new player... you level up to 80... and there are 10 different things to do...

Not 6... 60 hours per day won't be enough to do all of these...


Why 5-6 years ago it was simple?? (and the game was actually popular)

You get 5 pieces of gear and 1 weapon - you enchant them to +15... you socket some stones... and YOU ARE DONE!

That's it! that's all you had to do!


There's literally no benefit for anyone from making things 10 times more complicated than they need to be!


"But we lose players because people don't have anything to do in end game!"

You have ALREADY lost these players! If you lose any more players it will go into a negative number!

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Gear should have a form of effort driven rewards but not to the point they are impossible to make. Transformations are one of them and based on pure luck (or events that we had).

They would have to bring back all the content they deleted in order to simplify gear and still call it a game. Imagine if everyone got to end game gear and transformation potions and then have nothing to do.

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22 hours ago, Nymphala-DN said:


TL;DR " give me classic server"

If you expect any of your suggestion to hit retail servers in upcoming patches let me tell you right now, they won't lmao.

We will get Purified daevanion skills, more transformations, more collections, minions rank S, purified stigmas, skill skins, gear destruction upon failure, Runes, Odians, etc etc xD

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