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Stigma skills for pve

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Doing campaings and blue quests you will get a basic set of 6 stigmas, but you can't pick the ones you want. I think you get the dps tree.

To get the healing tree the faster way is through broker, look for: Heavy stigma box, Cleric stigma box, or type the name of the specific skill u want.

Acquiring them tru normal methods can take a while, is better to just buy them.

I don't play cleric but i guess you will need, Benevolence, Ripple of purification, splendor of rebirth and noble grace

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You will get a couple healing stigmas through leveling blue quests iirc. I think you get Noble Grace and Saving Grace. But yeah, the others you will need to buy or wait until we get an event that gives selectable stigma boxes. You also get one stigma every Saturday by doing Kamar Battlefield pvp instance, but you need to be level 80.

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