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7.2 (Part 2) vs. 7.0 Skill Changes (comparison) - Player Class Skills

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Comparison bases

  • New: 7.2 Part 2 (Taiwan)
  • Old: 7.0

NA is skipping 7.2 Part 1, and we will be going straight to 7.2 Part 2.

Currently Gameforge is on 7.2 Part 1, and they do not have a date for 7.2 Part 2 right now.

7.2 Part 1 adds improved Daevanion skills, requires base skill enchanted to +15

7.2 Part 2 adds advanced stigmas, requires base stigma stone enchanted to +15

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It seems they have changed the range of glads vision stigma from 25+ range of the weapon(which would get them a wooping 31m fire range) to a fixed 15m.

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