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SL (ez) - Weakening Draugh


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You should see a lever next to the slimes that are right next to him, you have to kill all the slimes and then have someone use it. You have to aggro the boss first THEN use the lever. If you use the lever first before you start the fight it's not gonna count it as being pulled and it will flood. There's 4 little sections and 4 levers, every time you move forward make sure to kill all the slimes and have someone use the newest lever. (And make sure the boss is in the light to do damage)

Be careful once you get to the 3rd lever, at that point once the light on the floor goes out he will summon 4 healing slimes, whoever is tanking has to drag him away quickly while the other dps kills the healing adds before they touch the boss. He heals about 50% of his health back if the healing adds are able to walk to him. And in every section after the first he will occasionally summon 4 Explosive Spores, make sure to kill them before they blow up.

And of course don't stand in the patches of poison on the ground. It can be a little intense and overwhelming at first, but after doing it a few times it's not so bad - good luck! 

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