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Ncosft catch these hands


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So, apparently you guys didnt read my last post.... *cough* @Cyan


This "monthly" bcm update is atrocious. We ask for skins. We ask for costume rotation to come back and you know what we get. For the entire month of March we get these wings, not even good ones if i may say lol Like they are just awful compared to wings we have had in the past. I dont understand how hard is it to listen to ur playerbase and take our money so we can have our skins.

You think ppl like running around the game looking ugly, some maybe, but the mass majority of ur player base left certainly do not. @Cyan just answer me and tell me why we cant have decent skins on bcm anymore

idk what else to say, im flabbergasted 


Sincerely, A mad Fungie >:(

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Looks like the wings they have are all wings that were part of player contest and a few more.

The only right thing would be to put everything on BCM and let people be happy with whatever they want. But it won't happen, there is no reason behind it, but it won't happen. We are so used to them taking constantly the exact opposite action to what the people are asking many times.

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