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@cyan, CUBIC LAB


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Literally just ran 10 cubic lab runs and got literally 1 golden cubic I can use? I literally just returned to the game and its awful to compete with everyone when the access to cubics/stones is so brutal this patch. ALSO THE FACT I LITERALLY SPENT A HOUR OF MY LIFE DOING CUBIC LAB TO GET ONLY 1 USEFULL CUBIC?! /endrant..


But no seriously, why is there no exchange for cubics from silver to gold from cubic lab? I heard there use to be... so now you just expect us to waste hours of our lives running this instance to get nothing we actaully need and waste more time grinding?

Also I refuse to play 10 different chars on this game when I only enjoy playing my main, so to the people who are gunna comment just use alts to finish it. WHY DO I NEED TO PLAY 10 DIFFERENT CHARS ON 1 GAME TO GET AHEAD? NO, NOT FAIR

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The cubic system got much harder than before and that is simply true

Previously it was pretty streamlined, you did cubic lab and you got cubicles. You could do cubic lab with alts in the same account and finish the collection in no time. This is what I did, I was running it with 8 chars (we still couldn't make more than 8 chars back then) and I remember I finished it in less than 1 month or something. Also at the beginning getting inside the cubic instance was a pain since everyone was running to get in, after 1~2 months it was possible to get in, finish it, go out and the NPC was still there because not enough people got in to make the npc vanish (the NPC lasted 5 minutes or if 25 people got in).

And yes it was possible to upgrade cubicles, give 5 cubicles of lower grade for 1 cubicle of higher grade and the golden cubicles (max back then) were also brokerable. When we learned that there would be more levels per tier (more bronze, silver and golden levels) and a new level (the platinum), plenty of people did the instance an insane amount of times to stock up for the new levels, I literally finished all my bronze, silver and golden collections the moment the new cubicles were implemented and I first logged in.

As for platinums, since they were a 7.0+ addition it is another story. Up to this date, I only have 4 platinum cubicles finished (the ones dropping from daevanion shugos and that is because I spammed ID for that shugo). Everything else, I have absolutely not a single one because the way to get them is insanely hard.

In 7.X they made everything affiliate with PVE ten times harder to acquire and for pvp it much easier. They should bring back the old cubicle ways for sure. Just like with have minium vault for minions and minium, they should have the cubic lab for cubicles. they could make it like Minium Vault, have few entries only but be able to reset them with luna, they could be making money this way.

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10 hours ago, Hallo-DN said:

Yeah, I dont agree with cubic system within this patch. Gearing up is already hard since you need to depend on rng all the time.... I have done only 1 run in the cubic instance, since I dont really want to do it xD

The new cubic instance only gives you cubicles that affect the dps in the hard mode of instances. so unless you are doing these bosses, you do not need the new cubicles.

They act like the Ereshkigal cubicles, they only apply to kill Ereshkigal boss in the Veillenthrone instance.

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