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Crucible season bug? Minium vault? server lag? hi? D:

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So, 2 things from me, idk if this is right, or something else is happening @Hime and Loki???? some reason i can't tag him


Crucible season starts tomorrow at 4 am? so i did 2 runs that means it doesn't count until tomorrow? if i am not wrong in the patch notes it doesn't say anything about it, i could be wrong and it migth say so D: in that case ignore this oe lel




and in the other hand we have minum vault bugged npc, only way to finish it is by the way of cleric 




and DN-E server lag spikes are annoying

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I got in evergale canyon and only saw white names, for some reason it didn't join me to the league, so i relog. When i came back (3 mins later) my character was out of the instance and on cold down. 

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