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Gear progression 7.5


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Armor and weap is pve or pvp specific. Accessories and feathers are used for both BUT, theres a set that can't be retuned and a set that can at each tier.


Titan coins/Genesis crystals (lowest tier)


PVE can not be retuned. 

Tranquil lakrum          Drop from bosses in lakrum

Legion guard             Titan coins/drop from hidden mobs


PVP can be retuned.

Legion scout              Titan coins

Lakrum scout             Genesis crystal



Tranquil Lakrum         Genesis crystal / Drop from bosses in lakrum             NO retune

Legion guard                 Titan coins /drop from hidden mobs                         Can retune


Katalam/Demaha mid tier


pve can't retune

Cruel Demaha      mini bosses in Demaha

Fierce Katalam     Not sure where the crystal chest comes from


Pvp can retune

Fierce Aureate      legend BM



Cruel Demaha       100 stellium rng box   no retune

Fierce Katalam         shugos in camps around katalam (need renown 4 i think) and "crystal chest"      no retune


Fierce Katalam and Cruel Demaha  has higher base stats and fixed offensive stats that is higher than aoa/benm accs when they are tuned with the same stats.


Heartless Intruder       Stella lab (normal) BE (normal) Can retune 

Burning Altar                   altar of ascensions easy and normal Can retune


Burning Altar and Heartless Intruder has lower (significantly) offensive stats when tuned with the same stats as above, but has the option to tune for other stats.



Shining Floren (craft)

No ones going to craft this stuff...  they drop from bosses in silentera canyon too. 

No retune on any of the pieces it drops. 




Aoa Normal 2nd tier

Bursting Altar           Aoa normal  can retune

Higher base stats than benm/stella/aoa easy accs, but same bonuses. adds up more than katalam/demaha offensive stats and option to retune.


Best in 7.5




Dark talon    upgrade from ancient herald that can be bought with genesis crystal   can retune


Sovereign      Drop from IDD, PF, stella easy  and BENM for weap  can retune


Scarlet Accs/feather

IDD HM    Brace/plume/wings   

PF HM      neck/earing/ring/belt


No retune on any of them. need to get lucky on drop from each boss and require certain amount of starlight stones to upgrade


Paragon armor/weap

uh.... you mean the stuff that breaks when you fail enchanting and where players will send in tickets till it reaches +15 like in 5.8?


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Extreme/Paragon gear are only enchantable with extreme enchantment stones, which requires nigh-impossible Katalam renown level 9 or (even more so) Silentera Canyon renown level 9.

In this way you won't be able to accidentally enchant these gears with an ancient enchantment stone and breaking it, so don't think support is going to ever restore failed extreme gear upgrade attempts (as an extreme enchantment stone will be used).

(Accidental extraction or inventory sale of enchanted extreme gear should still be valid reasons for equipment restoration support ticket)

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