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Assassin PVP Stats and Questions


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I have a few question about assassin in 7.5.
Deciced to make assassin after I got Kromede transformation.
I'm a returning player from patch 4.5 but very new to assassin.

What is current minimum stat requirement for general world PVP now?
I want to socket manastones but a bit confused...
I heard that unbuffed (without food) sins need like 5k critical and the rest is physical attack, is this true?

Why I see some people PVP with PVE gear?
Am I missing something here, or we still need PVP gear for PVP.
I'm planning to use Katalam Acc & feathers, Weapons, and Armors.

What runestone and gemstone is best for sins?

Not related but is "Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab" only give cubic for specific bosses and not general stat boost like HP/etc?

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32 minutes ago, Luffey-KT said:

Not related but is "Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab" only give cubic for specific bosses and not general stat boost like HP/etc?

Can't answer your sin questions since I don't play sin, but for this question, yes. Cubics instance is now only for bosses. The other stat cubics are from various regular mobs/instances.

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Personally i socketed every single piece with attack manastones except one with full crit to achieve 5300 (without food buff). 30% crit should be your base and anymore than that i deem unnecessary since your daeva ambush gives you 100% crit for 4s at +15. Id recommend finishing cubics (att/crit/acc) and try to get as much transformation collection stats as possible. Some of them give a lot of crit in total, which gives you the option to just socket full attack manastones into your gear. The reason to why people use pvp gear in pve is possibly that they do not have any pve gear, or might not be as enchanted as their pvp gear, or that they are just too lazy to swap (like me) i have the same phy att in my pvp/pve gear so unless im doing instances i just stay in my pvp gear to kill normal mobs in OW.  Might take like a second or two more to kill, but watever. For runestones i have phy att increase, additional strike, and i swap between area strike/stun resist penetration. For gemstones i currently have 3 shining green/red.

i wanted to go green/blue but I can’t find any blue shinings for sin so yea. Red gemstone gives u a dash ability (40 meters) that puts a 30% heal reduction debuff on your target, but has to be stunned/shocked to be used. (Good against healers) green gemstone gives you a buff for stun/aetherhold/spin penetration (675 at +5) and reduces ur remove shock cd by 10s when used. Blue gemstone gives you a 24s cd skill which when used, puts target at a spin state, carves a rune up to level 5, reduces pvp/pve defense by 500 for 8s. All in all imo, green gemstone is a must. U can decide between blue and red and i only went red because of the lack of blue shinings available rn. You’re also going into the right direction as a new/return player with the katalam set. Dark talon will be super time consuming if not impossible to get rn, and the accessories can both be used in pvpve right now which saves a lot of time. Id suggest kata/demaha accessories, kata/lak armor, and weapon as well for this current patch. Wait for 7.7 as there will be a mini game in which some of the rewards are the new pve/pvp set boxes. Or u can also grind in the new hourglass instance to buy the new set yourself (but will need to have some pvp gear as the instance is accessible to asmos/elyos as well). You can’t really do much this patch except the methods above, and js wait out for the new gear next patch. Good luck to you whichever path you choose sir!


edit: forgot to put my stats for u to compare as a baseline

phy att: 21,1xx

accuracy: 16,xxx


this is with food+transform stats applied.

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