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A tread for stupidity .

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I wonder why they remove the anti hack system now that its gone they are banning random players without proper reasons with it they will just send you some links about their agreement then no proof or anything on how , one of my friend created toons and new account to farm stones with luna for this event cause it barely undoable with just playing like a normal being . without a hint they block all his account no reasons / no hack / no etc . he just loggin to get luna so he will have the new weapons provided for pay 2 wins.. 

Fact that they are banning permanently the non-pay 2 win players and give 1 week / 2 weeks ban .. if so i made some mistakes before but if u gonna ban me do it properly and do it to others with justice not pick some just to be an example of ur so called justice .. 

Thanks and have a good day !! 

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