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Aetherforging Masters Event Data Collection

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@TheSecretCowLeve-KT first day I crafted 80x with spirits fragments (because I had like 20k sitting) and I remember I only got 8x non procs and 72 kinah fail-procs so that is a 90% fail-proc chance, but I didn't screenshot it so do not take my word on it.

Then a few friends told me I was just in bad RNG because they have gotten more so I tried 30x with etiums this time and I did take a screenshot to show them that my RNG was working as intended. These are the people that managed to get the lunar weapon procs with half the material I used (and still didn't get a weapon), so I must be cursed or they must be sleeping with a catholic priests at nights!

30x craft with the 10-etiums recipe: 4 non procs and 26 fail-procs!
26/30=86,67% fail-proc, pretty close to the 90% I got the first day!


Opening the bundles did give me 2 times 10x instead of 1x the crafting mats for the good recipes, but I also didn't screenshot those.

I'll burn my alts' mats and then consider done with this event for good.

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