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Specifically, I would like to direct my suggestion to @Loki. Hi there! 

I have been dealing with support via email for issues with my main account since 8/24/20. Despite countless efforts to provide supporting information, I am not receiving the kind of support that should be expected from even the smallest of companies. There is a clear lack of transparency and empathy from your support team, and in this unstable world we are all living in, why hasn’t NCSoft made adaptations to meet this trend? Businesses are making changes, even if only temporarily, to consider the special circumstances that many of us now find ourselves in. I, personally, lost my father at the onset of the pandemic. I have struggled in ways that I could never have imagined, and now my main account is no longer able to access the game. A ten year old account. Created at launch. And when I followed the steps that were provided to me via support, the launcher, and even here on forums to send a email to the correct support channel, I received a Korean mailer daemon. I actually had to dig through the email, glean information from it using a translator, and located the ACTUAL email address that I was to send my query to. No one. Not one single support contact, (and now there have been over 10 different individuals I have communicated with) acknowledged this. My questions have been provided in context, numbered, I’ve tried everything as far as style goes to submit my questions, and I am continually met with repeated canned answers, with one exception, and that person still does not provide the answers needed.

I do not have a number to call. I do not have another method to reach support. I really, really wish this would change. I understand that staffing limitations are to be considered, and that this game does not have the popularity that it once did. But I am so absolutely frustrated that no one will address my questions, and no one will provide reassurance. These two things should be simple. Doubly so when provided with documentation that supports my claims. 

Make your support channels easier to reach. Train them to empathize with the customer, or give them the freedom to do so. Do not punish them for typing up answers that are hand crafted as these will be the answers that provide the most context, and help the customer feel confident in your support. Canned answers are a thing of the past, and large companies have moved away from this trend. Or, if a customer has a complicated issue, (like mine) please allow your tier one support team to escalate to senior support who may be able to communicate more openly and efficiently. I have asked for this, and have been ignored.

I imagine that this is a change that will never be implemented as it is both costly and time consuming. But at this point I feel like I am at the mercy of your support team, and I needed to have an outlet. 

Please, at the very least, check your information regarding your processes and the emails that are associated with account recovery. I am happy to provide any information to help support my grievances, as well as specifics regarding which support channel procedures that I was instructed to follow. These details contain personally identifiable information and I  cannot post them here on the forums.

My thanks for having a read. You all take care, and stay safe and well! <3

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I know this thread is about recommending NCWest get a better support team (and I fully agree with you on that recommendation!), but can you give us, the forum users, a little more info? Maybe one of us has had a similar situation and can help you. Also, you're emailing support@aiononline.com, right? That's the NCWest support email. Can you share a screencap of your ticket(s) so we can see if we can help you?

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