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Event minigame


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It favors the overpopulated side for sure. In katalam the Asmodians never took it. After the first few days, Asmodians don't even try it anymore, elyos simply go and get it without competition most of the time, with the few exceptions that sometimes and Asmodian will LFG "come come asmos let get it" only for the same person to write after 10 minutes "garbage faction, bye" or something like this lol.

Our side never even went to the Inggison main town to kil their boss. Elyos have been doing it religiously on our side and there was nobody on Gelkmaros to counter them.

These events are badly implemented, effectively if you are a KT elyos you can log all you elyos alts, take them there to afk and claim the reward every hour.

Generally massive events are never a good design and when the game relies on massive events for crucial things, this is where the game starts dying.

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