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broken transformation system

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33 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

This system is just playing with player's nerves.

Yes, I have personally said it many times that a permanent secure system needs to be implemented. But to get a ton of legendaries to get all 10 types and then start getting doubles already takes many months to years to do anyways. So when they have  promotions you get additional rewards.

Before these promotions people combined 50 legendaries and still got nothing.

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Just letting people know there are very very few times where they made the combine legendary to get selectable ultimate in Korea like I think 2 or 3 time only. Most were selectable legendary or chance to get ulti. But as far as getting legendary it doesn't take that long at all. If you did as I said 4 weeks is 2 from AS being reset with luna on 12 character per day. 8 week lugbug is 1. 10 week renown shard grind can get you 2 more. So if you did go 1 year that is 35 per year not including events or other ways. @Drugged-KT even said he has been using the pumpkins on contracts which I expect everyone who is saying oh they want transforms to be doing or they obviously don't care about it as much. He said 5/20 in 1 week event went for 3 so that is 15 legendary from just this event.

There are tons of ways to get legendary they are not that hard but you can't just expect them to give it to you. As I said I didn't get my ultimate until the 12 combine and I have been trying since 6.0 really hard I got it on my alts before my main but still tried. It's a fine system having all the buffs in 1 consumable and really its not as bad as people say go play on KR or EU where you can't do 2 combines or you demote down a tier.

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20 minutes ago, Ereliya-KT said:

go play on KR or EU where you can't do 2 combines or you demote down a tier.

Exactly, we got this in our side along with the transforms being account wide (not just server wide) because we had the stats and times nerfed. When they finally made the stats and times official we kept the benefits, right now we are the spoiled child.

After abyssal splinter and lugbug weeklies getting legendary is simple effort and patience and here and there an event that offers them.

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