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BOS ninja change?


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Doing usual run of "easy mode" Bastion of Souls

with the additional quest chain for a gauranteed accessory. (AKA the 6 quest route)

Before this week, it used to always give an ornate acc box when all five of the accessory quests were completed as well the two simple armor, weapon boxes


The other groups on KT-E  are no longer getting the upgraded boxes mainly on their alt runs, so we think they may have added a timer to kill opel?

Support says it is working as intended but unclear if they actually checked the box modifier




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8 hours ago, Devildagger-DN said:

Did you destroy the generators before the timer ends in the runs where you didnt get the  ornate box? 

yep. also all of the purification doors were open. we had over 3 minutes time left to spare on the initial phase. 

If there really is a timer for BoS last boss, it could make gearing up a heck of a lot harder for weak BoS groups which would hurt gearing alliances quite a bit especially for NM/HM 

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