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Invisible box in instances

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Is there anyone who can share information about that invisible box that toons get stuck inside of during certain instances such as: kamar battle field, idgel dome, and illumial brawl.  This box has been around for many years. Has Aion claimed this to be a part of the game now or can the developers not fix this issue if in fact it is a bug?


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As annoying as that bug is, the dev team stopped giving af about trying to fix those things long ago.

BUT! You can usually get out of that invisible box by pressing the screenshoot button while trying to move forward (taking a screenshot usually lags your fps for a moment, which is what helps you get unstuck). If that doesn't work, you can try changing your game to windowed mode and shake your game window (to create fps lag) while trying to move.

Or, if you're a class with blink/teleport skills such as sorc/sin/etc, those usually work to get you out of the invisi box (modor minion skill works too).

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