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Another Bugged Glad Skill

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I don't know why I even bother putting these up anymore, we have so many that have been broken for months with no acknowledgement from the dev team about them and support just sends us an auto reply saying to post it here but....

Crushing Onslaught (A deava skill that REPLACES Crushing Blow) is bugged. The text reads:



Target is Stumbled
Reduces cooldown by 50% on an accurate hit
Redocuses cooldown by 100% on a Critical Hit

What it really does though is reduce the CD for Crushing Blow...the skill that it replaces...so...yeah... "Here use this deava skill instead of the original skill, when you do it resets the cd on the skill your replacing but you can't use that skill if you're using this skill...."  NClogic at it's finest.... 

Btw this is about the 5th skill that's bugged on glads atm...I know there's a ton more for other classes, would truly be nice if SOMEONE, ANYONE from NCwest could at least acknowledge they know these issues exist or have a plan to fix them...

@Loki @Kibbelz @Hime

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