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Ok so I was reading up on THIS POST about stigmas and saw THIS LINK about chanters specifically.  I have some questions about general use of stigmas and chanters & clerics specifically.  My first question is when charging stigma, can you use the one you have equipped as part of the charging or do you have to use 2 fresh new ones?  Does the stigmas for chanter look right to you guys?  The stigmas shown recommended for clerics are all damaging ones including the middle one.  Is that right?

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You can use the one you have equipped. Although, I think you have to unequip it first (have it put back in your inventory) if I recall correctly. I haven't charged one in a month or two, so can't remember.

Regarding if the stigmas for chanters are "right," that really can't be answered without a bit more info from you. Chanters are such a versatile class and can be played in many different ways. The stigmas linked there are a strictly dps line-up. If you are only a dps chanter, then that could work for you. If you prefer more of a support role, that line-up won't work for you. The same can be said for cleric; some clerics only want to dps and some are heal only and some are a little bit of both.

Eventually, it would be good if you had all or most of the chanter stigmas. This way, you can change them up depending on the situation. If you're in an instance and they need support, then you can put all of those stigmas in. Or if you're in a group with two clerics, you can put all of your dps stigmas in.

Personally, I like to keep a 72% support, 28% dps stigma set-up most of the time: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/cADFILM65. I am a hybrid chanter, leaning toward support, so this set-up works for me. Again, it's all about how you play your chanter. :)

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