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nice buillshit game


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I think 4x combined is said to be 75%, I really do not remember but rates in Aion mean little to nothing, many people have failed many times in a row consuming all their tokens.

My friend Naduah tried 3 times with 4x minions every time and failed all 3 and she used 3 tokens for them (before the minion event where they still allowed minion token restoration) and then the 4th time thankfully it happened for her but she lost all her tokens.

I lost 2 tokens too for minion combines in the past, they should allow a 6x minion combine for a 100% result. I know many people would go the safe route just for the sake of not losing months worth of minion grinding.

Additional note: imagine that our minion combination rates are boosted for NA, the original ones are like half of what we have here! Imagine the grind!


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