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@Loki @Kibbelz I wanna congratulate you with finally killing this game. This “wonderful” even said final goodbye to this game. I’m sure you all checking discord’s channels and you can see how many OP people who was the base of our community now selling their accounts cause of this event. I have a lot of friends who was so excited about getting Imbued weapon from this event. How many of them got it? None! And no one even know who got it. For 30 days we all have been trying to get this box and none of us did. We all know why another people got it tho. So what was the point? But we can see the result. Amount of selling accounts is higher than never before. 
I guess that’s it. 

But u still have a last chance to bring these freaking weapons again in NEXT event ASAP.  Community is falling apart. DO SOMETHING!! 


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