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Another bugged event from the get go...


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Okay this might sound rude and mean but its my honest opinion... I think NCsoft should let another company handle Aion NA.  You guys don't even test new events or patches you just copy paste it and it clearly shows.  EVERY SINGLE event or patch we get has countless bugs and 90% of the time NCsoft doesn't know what the bug is because they don't understand the game mechanics.  I know that this is a very dead game but there are still the loyal players that buy prestige/ and spend lots of hard earned money in the BCM.  It is wrong of NCsoft to spend so little time on a game that they have such a die hard player base for.  I get that NC is a big gaming company and have lots of other games they prioritize but you guys don't even understand the game anymore. How can players expect the GMS and CMS to understand what we want from this game if they don't even understand how to play this game!  I'm tired of getting hyped up for events and future patches to be let down immediately... I get that bugs and mistakes happen but this is literally EVERY SINGLE event for the past 12 months has had one or multiple issues.

Is it too much to ask that you guys play the game to understand what your player base wants?

@Loki @Kibbelz

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