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I just did the quest to get 400 alchemy.  I'm all stoked and started crafting and noticed something very quickly, its taking FOREVER to gain just ONE skill point.  I made 40 Major Elemental Stone (requires 400 alch) and gained a whole TWO points.  I'm in the process of making 137 Recovery Serums (again requires 400 alch) and its taking forever to get a skill point.  Now I have to ask, is using the Intensive Study a quicker way to level it up or is that something that does something else?

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I didn't find any particular improvement in using the intensive study. And it's much more expensive too. Alchemy is quite cheap Plezur, at least you don't need 1000 burning balaur blood stains (like a tailor) or balaur scales (armorsmith), that nowadays are rare items.

I suggest you to collect the mats and wait until there's an event going on. And use the crafting boost for the last part (450-500), unless you already used them...

I spent almost 1 year to level up my craftings, buying mats at cheap from the broker and using the amulets to craft them all at once. It's a long process. But fortunately now there are often crafting week-ends. Keep crafting elem stones and serum until 440, then begin with the scrolls. In the end, it's all something that you can sell later on.

Also, you can already craft good scrolls at 460 iirc, so you don't really need to reach 500 asap.

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It does speed up but I think it's VERY expensive to level it up in a long run. If you're in a hurry to get 499/master, you may check the broker for 500% crafting boost scrolls. Or you can use both to make it even faster if you really have the spare kinah. Don't forget as your skill level goes up, the higher it is from the required level of what you're crafting, the slower it gets. For example crafting 400-required items while you're at 430 is not the same efficiency as when your level was 400. It keeps slowing down and max difference is 41 levels i.e. when your skill level is 441 and you're still crafting 400-required items, it will never go up again regardless. Same goes for other professions. So make wise choices on what you're crafting to level further.

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