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Can't buy BCM coins


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So I wanted to add some BCM coins to an alt account of mine, but to buy with it via paypal it requires you to log into the site now.

As you can see I logged my main account (since I am writing this), but when I try to log my alt it says "make sure you are not blocking any features like java or flash". I try to log my main and voila, it logs.

So @Kibbelz tell those people they are probably on a death wish. We cannot log to the site more than 1 accounts per IP/mac or something. My account is logging intot he game, so there are no restrictions, plus I have logged that account lately only for stormwing event.

Whoever is designing your website or whoever thinks this is some sort of security, fire him.

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2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Us: We want to pay you for things -- BC coin, skins, etc.

NCWest: noOO

I logged from my mobile phone, I managed to login and then I paid and it returned "error 108" which means you have to try again from another browser!

The list of errors here are different, mine was re-directing me to another issue.

I wanted to give a few coins to buy the coin event thingy, on that second account I slacked and lost the first few days, so it won't be able to get the 400 coins to buy a legendary, so I thought about buying the cheapest option and make sure I get the 400 and get them a legendary.

So far I haven't been able to buy BCM on that account.

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