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Probability to get Flowers from Playful Flowers' Bundle


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16 hours ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

Got 144 flowers out of 249 bundles for a rate of 58% in my first run

Just started a spreadsheet

Cool I opened another 721 bags and got 478 flowers so 66.3%. That is actually a really big difference from my first test. This just adds to my suspicions that whatever Aion uses to get random numbers isn't very good. 

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On 4/22/2021 at 1:12 PM, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

Emergency maintenance going on. Once it finishes, we will have to see whether there is a nerf to paper flower rates... or not...

As far as I can tell no. Every time I open up a huge batch I'm somewhere in the range of 58 and 66 percent. Mostly 60 percent though, the 58 and 66 seem to be outliers. 

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