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I propose the following changes for the reasons listed as follows:


The returning option needs to be completely changed.

  • When tuning you select the four stats you want and the output is the four stats you wanted randomly tuned from the lowest stat value tune to the highest stat value tune.
  • The cost of returning needs to be changed to 70 times more (C(8,4) times more) than the current amount. The tuning cost would be approximately 35m for each Ultimate piece.

This is effectively the same thing as the current system, but doesn't waste your time sitting there returning for hours. It is also less costly for accessory retuning and the initial tune always outputs the 4 stats you want.

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Or make a separate retune for each of 4 stats - you can choose the stat you want to change and it gives a random other stat excluding the other three from the list. That will make it faster and easier and help in cases when you get 3 good stats and 1 bad, so you can retune that last one separately. But I agree, that in general, it has to be made easier and more straightforward, whatever way they choose.

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If were being real here,  I think we all know NCWest isnt gonna make any custom extreme changes. Especially not to a system thats so large. The only way we get any updated features from the Retuning system is if KR adds it as an update feature on their servers. 

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