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NCwest can you guys explain to us what you guys gonna do for hackers on classic?

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i know this is retail server forum but i cant creat on classic so here i am


NCwest i remember when i start play aion i saw many hackers from the beginning of aion and not much you guys did back then so as now.

i am wondering since it is pay to play base game (classic) what are you guys gonna do about though hackers?

alot of people left due to poorly managed hackers back in the day so i am thinking if you guys gonna do same misstake again i am done for good.

i paid $50 to start classic and i forgot how poorly managed hackers back in the day. 

can you give us what are you gonna do about hackers in detail please?







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Dude, I dont want to disapoint you, but, there's no developers in NCWest, they only publish the game. Publishers only copy and paste things from the developers. The korean developers don't give a nyerk for US servers, so.. people will still use Para tools and take a lot of advantage on it. The only thing NCWest can do is take a look at logs and ban these people, but I highly believe they wont do it, even if you report them, they have better things to do with YOUR money.

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