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Keeping Classic Alive


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So not sure what NCwest's plan is to keep Classic going strong, but looking back at the start of Aion from many years ago I think we all know ways to help keep the game going strong. Here's a big concern I've heard repeatedly from the player base.

New Players/Returning players finding the lowbie/middle game content empty. The problem with Aion is new players always struggle to catch up or stay engaged with the game as Aion is a very "keep up with the curve or get left behind game."  For example, even now if you make a new character there's hardly any other lowbies to group or quest with for new/returning players and it's just going to get worse as time goes on. 

    Suggestion to fix/avoid this: 

Do monthly "bring/invite a friend" promos or competitions each month/season to first to create a toon and re-lvl 50. 
Double XP buff for levels 40 and below for the first week or weekend of each month.
Do maybe a free 7 trial for new accounts but limit it to a certain time frame every month.
Do a email promotion for a free 7 day trial to old existing accounts that haven't logged in for a long time.

Anyone else have other ideas to keep the low/mid content populated so the game doesn't deter new/returning players?

Also, yes it's obvious that some people will exploit these promos and events but I feel it's more important to keep drawing in new/returning players. 

I'm really curious if NCwest has thought about this concern and has plans to keep the low/mid lvl areas populated so new/returning players can also enjoy the game. 

@Loki  @Kibbelz

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