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A message to the guys in power:

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I find myself checking the Aion Classic forums, Twitter, and Facebook every single day for just a speck of information to let the players know what’s going on or what’s upcoming. There are days and weeks with no information nor responses on forum posts nor a breath out of NCWest. There is a single community manager, that we know of, who also disappears without a trace.

For a game with very bad marketing, there should at least be attention given to the dedicated players who continue opening up the game everyday. The simplest things make the biggest differences. Give us updated patch notes, that we don’t have to scour around and find translations from the Korean server for. If you do state “multiple bug fixes,” tell us what bugs were fixed. Let us know that the guys in power do care about the players.

I was very happy to see the implemented chat filter, however it would have been nice to see an acknowledgement post instead of leaving the players wondering if anything was ever going to be done about it. Give us a dedicated game moderator who can watch the chats and check up on the game more often.

You have thousands of players constantly wondering and asking questions with very little replies. Take initiative and make Aion Classic even better than it was originally. One of the most common things in game I’ve heard so far is, “Where are the cosmetics?” Add more skins to the Quna store, add the hovering and ninja idols, add the inventory and warehouse expansion tickets, and if you don’t want to add them yet, tell the players why.

Sometimes the players just want to know that the game company is listening to them and considering their wants. Long silences are not appreciated and lack of information carries bad vibes with it.

Aion has always been my favorite game and I’m very grateful and happy to have Aion Classic because I finally quit in 4.8 when my favorite maps were deleted. I am only making this post to let you guys know that the players want to see more posts, replies, and honesty from the game company. Answer questions, give information, and if no information is readily available, explain why or when we will get more information. Give us something to wait for instead of just leaving us waiting and wondering.

Leave any questions or concerns you have in the comments and maybe we can get some replies. 

Meant to post this in Aion Classic General Discussion.

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I really don't know what exactly do you expect to happen at this point, its like stockholm syndrome for whomever still cares from the player base, you keep hoping that something will change after years, and now even decade of broken promises and straight out lies. These people (NCSoft) only care when they want to sell you something, to which end they will promise whatever it takes to get you to buy it, and then just ignore you when you ask for simple things like meaningful feedback and basic support.

Don't get me wrong, in a perfect world  they would have been out of business years ago, so a big part of the fault falls on us as consumers for not standing up to the greed and letting them treat us like rubbish and still buying into whatever they are selling when the outcome is always the same, they take the money and just run with it every single time. No one is going to solve it for us, we have to do it ourselves by just punishing bad behavior by not giving them money, seems a lost cause tho, people just don't care anymore and its why it keeps getting worse because theres no free market mechanics to stop greed when its being rewarded and defended making it a lot more profitable than running an honest business.

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They will only "care" about it if you start the sentence with "I'VE SPENT THOUSANDS IN THIS GAME..." in all caps and even then, it might take months and other hundreds of similar complaints from other players for them do make something about the problem... (IF they do).

The way they operate is completely out of logic, and their only goal is profit without caring about anything or anyone. Some companies at least try and pretend to be aware, communicative and pretend to care about their consumers. This one, in the other hand...  only communicate the basic of the basic or need to take control of a really bad situation.

The only thing that make people play this game is because their friends play it and / or nostalgia from old times, hence why Classic had such a successful launch (until they messed it up with their greed, as expected).

The cycle repeats itself over and over again. 

When retail and classic finally die, they will probably make a Aion Remake / Aion 2 PC. Just wait and see.

And we'll be all there, because we like to suffer I guess. We'll be there to once more be disappointed and saddened that we know that nothing will ever truly change.


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