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Israphel PvPvE (Blade&Soul approach)

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As expiriment, since everyone complains about not enough Asmodians on the server

  1. Make Full pvp rewarding in the Abyss, give everything concerning AP a 200% boost
  2. At every pvp kill in the abyss give the winning player a medal according to it's level
  3. Completely make the other zones pvp locked and only pvp available if the player is wearing pvp gear(the player in pve gear can still attack the pvp wearing player but not the other way around)
  4. Since pvp is only in pvp in pvp gear in the other zones, keep rifting open 24/7

In other words use the Blade&Soul mechanics on Aion Israphel server and see how it works out

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Apart from one medal a kill being wastly exaggerated, would that not benefit the already dominating faction? You might attract more Asmodians like this, yet so is it going to attract even more Elyos.

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