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Will anything be done about bots and cheaters?


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I'm sure some people have already asked about this, but yeah. There are very obviously a lot of bots at every level, and people using cheats/"hacks" most notably in PVP. 

I thought the Korean version has some detection built into it. Can't you enable that here? I don't understand how bots and cheaters are a benefit to the game at all. It's very frustrating to come across them. 

Without naming anyone, I've already seen at least 3 people using flight hacks, teleport and no animation hacks within the week or two I've played classic. And there are bots EVERYWHERE!! 

If you're not going to add detection of third party programs and game file modifications, then please consider hiring a small team of people to help with the manifestation of bads who can't play the game normally.

I would personally work for very cheap and rid of a lot of them myself if given the ability. Let me know.

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I'm gonna be real with you - It's probably not going to change. They claim they're already doing it so either they aren't, or they are stretched very thin with resources to the point that they are unable to make a noticeable difference. Each day I login there's a fresh set of goldsellers in the chat and the same bots are running around farming the same spots. You just get used to it really, and come up with creative ways to break the bots when bored. 

In terms of investment into a small team etc etc. The way this game has been going since release suggests it's an afterthought to draw in some extra cash until it runs dry, it's not looking like they will be pumping any of that money back into it.

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Problem would partly be solved if

  1. They only made F2P till level 15
  2. Till level 15, all chat functions blocked, can't send friendrequest, can only recieve and accept friendrequest.
  3. From level 15 (exp full before it hits 16) account locked till the player pays for subscription
  4. Lock sending mail on the F2P, lock trading on the F2P, if the player uses the F2P till level 15 as stated in 1. 
  5. Even if buying a subscription, the LFG chat and other general chats stay locked till level 15
  6. Keep the subscription model as it is now, so never make it an ingame item, since this will atrack even more bots.
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