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Is soloing PF (normal) / farming pigs in Crucible (lower - 8th floor) banable?


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I'm worrying about my understands of AION recently. Im not sure what is right thing to do in game anymore.

So, I need your help @Kibbelz I need some confirmations.

My account have 11 toons. 5 of them having really good gears/advance stigmas. 5 of them can solo PF (normal) and clear Crucible lower to 8th floor really fast.

So, questions are:

- Will I be banned if I solo PF(Normal) 25 turns a week (5 toons x 5 turns) ? Ofc, I do it by my RAW hands, no cheat, no bot, no hack.

- Will I be banned if I farmed 30 pigs from Crucible (lower) a week (5 toons x 3 turns, then after server reset, 5 toons x 3 turns again)?

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